About AssayFinder

AssayFinder.com was originally developed by AssayFinder Ltd in 1998, having been instigated and sponsored by the Association for Clinical Biochemistry. A new version of the application was created in 2001 by CSW Group, who hosted the site until 2008. The site is now hosted and maintained by Seven Informatics Ltd, as a service to Assayfinder Ltd.

Our Purpose
  • AssayFinder.com enables providers of assays to register themselves and the details of their assays, free of charge. This allows their clients to search for these assays and discover where to get them done.

  • Registered providers are given a password so they can access our
    Provider Administration Utilities directly,  to update their information.

  • All registered AssayFinder providers can choose to be emailed when new assays from other providers are added to the system.
Using the Web browser in AssayFinder
  • Move the cursor (using the mouse) to any word or letter that is highlighted in colour and then click.  You will move to a page relevant to that item.  This is a "hot link".  By clicking on a hot links you can navigate from page to page.

  • You can also use the "tab menu" (shown at the top of every page) to move between the main areas of the site.  For example,  if you click on "Home" on the tab menu you can get to our Home Page from any other page on the site.

  • Lastly,  by using your browser's "Back" button,  it is possible to retrace your steps through the database.